A fun game built using javascript and custom programing.


Snake was a coding challenge given to me in my advanced javascript class. Eager to tackle the challenge I set forth watching many youtube videos and forums on how to implement a loop for a game like this.


UI/UX Design

“Talk is cheap. Show me the code.”


I finished the project a couple of days early and added some styles to it, giving it the old arcade, retro look. You can never go wrong with classic arcade games. To play the game: run the pen, press space to start, and use WASD keys for controls.

See the Pen GbOzQm by Rory (@RorDawgg) on CodePen.


The background is an ever-changing gradient to simulate the entrancing lights in an arcade room. A pixel typeface is used for the consistency of a retro wave theme.

“Rory is easy to work with, a team player and some of his work is active to this day. He is able to think creatively, and effectively communicates his ideas. He has my highest endorsement and he would be an asset to any team he is part of.”

– Jacek Zagorski, President of Shasta Networks