Simpliii is a personal graphic design and web development brand I started in College.


Innovative, intuitive and inspiring are all things that Simpliii represents. I created Simpliii at the end of my College graphic design degree as a company face for design and development. Blood, sweat, and tears were put into this brand and all of the fun items that came with it. Simpliii is currently a past alias since I’ve rebranded to my name, Rory Dwyer.


Graphic Design

“Minimal, Clean, Intuitive are words I live by in addition to qualities that I express in my work.”


The main goal is to reflect the work that Simpliii strives to achieve. Geometric shapes, bold colors, bleeding lines, and the use of a grid system brings everything into harmony. Brand standards are used throughout while implementing something “different” to give it a unique feel.


Many creative goodies were made in the process of designing Simpliii. Everything from buttons, business cards, notebooks, resumes, stickers and leave-behind packets were created from Simpliii’s brand formula.


Sleek, minimal and bold. Orange brings excitement and a fresh feeling while the blue color tames it to be modest. Futura was the obvious choice of typography for Simpliii, offering geometric curves and corners.


It is always important to sharpen our skills as designers, these are a few explorations and variations from the Simpliii logo.

“To get straight to the point, Rory is, without a doubt, one of the most talented and driven students I have had the pleasure of working with.”

– Heidi Lee Harless, RCC Graphic Design Professor