MintedKiss is a fun, fresh, energetic marketing company that enables businesses to enhance customer engagement through multiple advertising and media channels.


Capture Those Travellers hired me as a brand, logo, and concept web designer to rebrand the company into MintedKiss. Their previous branding was too narrow of scope for their future goals. The goal was to deliver a brand that sounds big, that reflects the ambition to have the same brand standing as the major brands that they work with, such as Hilton/Hyatt/Marriott/Outback Steakhouse/Bloomingdales and more.


Graphic Design
UI/UX Design

We are a marketing and advertising company. As such, our brand should enhance our marketing credentials with our client-base.


Branding was designed with the use of many mediums in mind. We knew that the logo, colors, name, anything could virtually appear anywhere on any kind of marketing material whether it was printed or digital. Simplicity was also key in the creation of the logo, something that would be instantly recognizable. The Logo had to represent growth, a share of communication.


Brand standards were designed for consistency and company recognition. From the brand standards, we designed many other materials including business cards, letterheads, email signatures, and marketing materials.


Web design would take place later down the road, but a splash page was designed as a placeholder until the full new site was up. The splash page was designed with all the branding elements in mind.


Colors of orange and blue are used to entice excitement, energy and being bold. A dark blue (pretty much black) is used with the logo typeface and other areas where it can substitute black. Proxima Nova Soft is the logo typeface, as the soft characters bring a friendly feeling. Monsterrat is the body and web-font and conveys a fresh, geometric sans-serif.

This is the ultimate goal – to market ourselves as a venue-based marketing platform for local, regional and national advertisers. Our branding should reflect our ambition to become a nationwide advertising platform.

– Fargal McCarthy, Co-Founder of MintedKiss