JGarloff Design

Light has the power to influence the mood and atmosphere of space. JGarloff Design is an artist in the pursuit of illumination.


JGarloff Design specializes in high quality, one-of-a-kind, hand-made lighting. Their lamp pricing is targeted at a select audience, those who wish to obtain heirlooms and conversation pieces. John requested a site that branded his art and vision along with an e-commerce platform that reflected the elegance of the lighting.


UI/UX Design

“It had to be clean looking and mobile user friendly.”


The first step was creating a sophisticated brand standard for the site and future marketing. The brand design was shaped from detailed user research on similar competitive sites. Not only does John sell his in-stock lighting, but it also provides a way to showcase previous lighting projects as part of a portfolio.


Inspiration for the site comes from Art Deco which uses thin lines, clean whitespace, and a gridded layout. The minimalism and cleanliness create an emphasized focus on content, making Johns exquisite lighting the center of attention.
jg Group 26


The design resembles the sophisticated nature of the lighting. Playfair typeface is used to produce a luxurious experience, while Montserrat portrays legibility and friendliness. Colors of gold, shades of black, and white are used to reinforce the branding of JGarloff Design.

“Rory did a fantastic job meeting our needs and adding his expertise and style to our ideas.”

– John & Mori, JGarloff Design