HK Electrical Engineers

HK Electrical Engineers is a leader in security electronics and electrical retrofits for justice facilities.


HK Electrical Engineers came to me with a need to redesign their outdated website. Being built 15 years ago on flash, it needed a complete facelift while offering easy updating through the WordPress dashboard and One Drive. The goal: to create a modern, responsive, portfolio website that reflected professionalism and tailored towards their government clientele.


UI/UX Design

Rory did a great job of us. He brought a lot of great ideas into the process and is extremely committed to providing excellence in his product.


The main focus is the ability to easily update and add content. HK’s method of updating their portfolio is via PDF’s in One Drive. Taking this into consideration, every page is included with a One Drive PDF link to download or share the most recent PDF portfolio. The site’s case studies were also designed to easily paste relevant content into.


The site has been designed with the target audience in mind, government officials and legal organizations. The cleanliness keeps the site goal driven with user experience in mind. Clear hierarchy and legibility are the main focus points.


The color scheme is kept to white and two shades of blue for hierarchy and resemblance of a trustful, professional engineering firm. Orange is used as a call to action for important links and opening PDFs. The typography is Roboto sans and Roboto slab for quick loading times, seriousness, and clear hierarchy.

Moreover, he came in on time and on budget and gave us all the tools we need to make the changes to the site that we need to make periodically without needing to bring him or anyone else into the process. We totally enjoyed working with him and highly recommend him to anyone needing a website designer.

– Frank Hopkins, Principal